Testimonials Medical

We are very proud of the service we provide to our doctors. In fact, we see them dramatically more personal than most agencies in our field relationship. Our relationships with physicians do not begin at 9 a.m. and end at 7:30 p.m., stay with us to continuously receive the quality service they deserve.
"When we started, we received patients very sporadically, a friend recommended me to this excellent team, since I contacted them the treatment was great, they resolved all my doubts and helped me to grow my clinic a lot."
Dra. Blanca Torres
Clinica Paliativa
"ZPW Medical made me the best dental clinic in all of Guadalajara, I even had visits from patients coming from abroad. The reach we had in the clinic was incredible."
Dra. Patricia Ramos
Dental Medic
"The best decision I have made has been to look for ZPW Medical, they took care of everything in my office and now I have patients full every day. In social networks the messages do not stop arriving. I will always be grateful to this team."
Dr. Alan Navarro
"This team gave me all the flow of new patients, before being with them my identified business that was not going to take off, once I called them all changes. The phone kept ringing and now I have many patients, one after another in my office."
Dr. Abraham Bravo Torres
Psicomed México
"The best of the teams, what a great decision I made when asking for their help, are attentive, they helped me create a website and that the patients knew me and came. What a good decision I made when contacting them."
Dra. Ibette Garza
Clínica Plenamente GDL