Marketing tips for doctors

The importance of digital marketing for doctors.

1. Make mobile content 

When we talk about mobile content, we mean that this content can be readable and understandable. There is a mistaken idea that to take an informational text seriously, it must be written in the most academic way possible and although in the scientific field that may work for them, the reality is that to do digital marketing this is not the most convenient.

If you are looking to get an audience, you need to talk to them in a way that they understand you. This does not mean that you should belittle the intellectual capacity of your audience, on the contrary. A large part of the conversation about science in recent years has been to make it more accessible to the public.

The same applies to doctors, the more accessible you are more likely that people want to consult with you and begin to think of you as a reference in the field.

Which brings us to our second point, making educational content can help you become a source for journalists and content creators. Yes, even if you don’t believe it, many journalists and creators are looking for safe and reliable sources and what better way to make their way through them.

Another element that you should not forget is that both your website and your blog and what inhabits it must be accessible for smartphones and tablets.

2. Campaigns with a specific target

Earlier we mentioned the importance of seeing digital marketing as a necessary investment. And one of those reasons is that paid ads and campaigns are a great opportunity to find patients.

That is why it is necessary that you consider creating payment campaigns as part of your strategy and more if you do them thinking about a specific target.

Imagine you are a gynecologist and want to find more patients. Surely your attention will be focused on women. You can close your target more by creating specific audiences related to age, purchasing level, geographic location and interests. In the end you can have a very well defined target to direct all your efforts and that your campaigns and your money are not wasted.

3. Use Google Maps to make it easier to find you.

SEO or Searching Engine Optimization is the set of strategies we use to make our content more visible; from the positioning of keywords to the name of your social networks or website. Thanks to the optimization of these elements we make our site more readable for Google bots, which helps us reach the top of the results page.

And while most focus on doing SEO for their content and their blog, they put aside the possibilities of positioning yourself by using other platforms such as Google Maps or Google My Business.

Doing local SEO through these platforms allows you to set your location for users to find you. That is to say that if someone google “gynecologists” you will appear on his radar, either because you are in the same city or near it even with your customer service hours.

4. Distribute your content

But above all it is important that you start distributing your content through an email marketing campaign.

One of the advantages of investing in content is that you can then reuse and distribute it. No matter how well you do on your blog, it is important that you do not ignore other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter.

Using an email marketing strategy also allows you to reach more people and not depend on pay per click campaigns forever or your social networks.

Yes, even if you think that the content will be boring or that few people will listen to you, the reality is that the more channels you explore, the more likely you are to find an audience and especially future patients.

5. Present real life cases

In the case of doctors listening to how they have helped their patients or the service they provide can be very important when deciding to consult with you. Create a testimonial campaign either to have them on your website or in your blog and encourage your patients to leave a review on your fanpage, or on your Google profile. 

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