6 Basics in a marketing strategy for doctors

Medical marketing is the best way to inform and have a better presence for doctors. Learn in detail the 6 basics your strategy should have and generate more knowledge in your audience.

Did you know that the medical sector is the least profitable marketing?

The medical sector is perhaps one of the industries that least takes advantage of digital marketing and it is in which great changes could be made through health campaigns, especially within specialized medicine. But no less real is that medicine is a sector in which specialists are suspicious of their knowledge and in many cases, do not want to share the knowledge acquired through their experience.

Marketing for specialized medicine

As is well known, within medicine there is a great diversity of specialties, perhaps many of them are still little known to Mexican society, which is why it is even more important to have a marketing agency capable of creating your hospital’s presence in the Web.

Custom strategy

Yes, not because we talk about the health sector means that the marketing strategy for doctors will be the same for any specialty. Within each medical specialization there are different needs, that is, they could be divided into those “urgent” or “review” consultations.

For example, in the case of a gynecologist, one can talk about the fact that his consultations are through planned appointments, in most cases, a woman rarely comes to an emergency. But in the case of a cardiologist if they are urgent consultations or that are made when there is already a problem that is complicating the patient’s health.

In either case, a personalized marketing strategy for doctors must be designed.

Digital branding

Even if you think you have many patients, the reality is that outside your office or hospitality there are still a large number of people who need the services of a medical specialist every day.

All of them are the ones to reach, but first of all you must create a brand presence. If you still do not have any digital resources, you will have to start immediately with the creation of the website, the profiles on social networks, and this without neglecting a CRM where you can channel a database.

The digital presence also attracts the attention of new patients, will achieve the loyalty of those who already trust you because you will feel closer than ever, especially on such sensitive issues as health.

Generate specialized content

There is no better form of organic search engine positioning than through the generation of specialized content. But it is not just about generating, also here you must create a strategy based on keywords, that is, the words that your patients use to enhance a search and also keeping in mind the topics that interest them most. It is this aspect that you should take advantage of since digitally there is not much specialized content that brings value to society. You with all your knowledge and with the help of the professionalism of a digital marketing agency, you can create a top quality library.

Tracking e-mailing

The mail is a tool that works strategically, it could be said that not everyone knows the exact moment or the correct way to carry out an e.mailing campaign and not become the spam and much less be marked as spam, currently, the Patients demand a specialized service every day, so mail must contain information that really interests them.

For example, a person who is looking for information about obesity can not send an informative email about hernias, this is what we mean when we talk about personalized content.

To achieve this it is necessary to listen deeply to their needs.

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