10 points of Marketing for Doctors

Are you looking for an increase in appointments in your office, clinic or laboratory? Here I share Marketing Tips for Doctors.

1. Make them know you. 

You definitely need to make them know about you, so you must have channels to communicate what you do and where you are.

  • Open a web page.
  • Do not forget to ALWAYS have business cards that reflect and communicate your services well.
  • Search for specialized advertising media.
  • Always offer extra cards to your current patients to be recommended.
  • Take care of having a good external image in your office, clinic or local, who knows who you are and what you do.

2. Build trust. 

Trust is paramount in your work area, the person who visits you for the first time almost always arrives on a recommendation or because they have information about your work.

Cultivating your reputation so that it builds trust is one of the main tactics you should have in your marketing strategy. In your business, “trust” is everything to attract new customers. Some suggestions:

  • Create a Blog and publish articles of interest to your customers.
  • Open a Linkedin profile and interact with groups.
  • Share useful health tips on Social Networks.
  • Share your story, your knowledge and experience on your website.

3. Follow up.

Do not leave your patients / clients with their return, keep a good agenda with appointments and try to anticipate their needs. Some suggestions:

  • Invite them to subscribe to your Blog.
  • Call them to remind them of your next appointment.
  • If you don’t have an appointment, call them to remind them of the importance of a new review.
  • Send them by mail your published articles or information that you consider important according to your case or treatment.

4. Take care of the Details. 

The details make the difference and manage to generate emotions. Take care of the image you represent and by that I mean your workplace, your furniture, your organization, cleaning, order, service, etc.

Offer something special to your customers, a little sweet, something to drink, background music, pleasant smells, in short the ideas are unlimited in this case and will be applied according to your specialty and practice, but do not forget to have them. Surprise your client with them.

5. Educate your client. 

The more informed your patient / client is, the more confident they will be and they will be more likely to recommend you. Search forums to do so: Blog, Webinars, Newsletter, Videos, Talks, etc. Some suggestions:

  • Make videos about health and share them on your social networks.
  • It offers a monthly webinar on specific topics where you are available to answer questions and offer advice.
  • Prepare informative brochures on “generic” topics and offer them to your patients as a bonus after their appointment.

6. Bet on Public Relations.

There is no better tool to sell than to cultivate relationships with other people, so look for contact with people. Some suggestions:

  • Learn to use Social Networks NOW, they are the best tool to do RP.
  • Join Associations, Clubs or Business Chambers of your sector or specialty.
  • Never forget to bring your Business Cards, distribute them wherever you go.
  • Look to close agreements in the companies of people close to you.

7. Make Strategic Alliances.

Do not work alone, look for a team that can refer to each other, that complements without being competition. Find people with the same vision of work as you, of the same quality as you and establish clear rules of recommendation to each other.

8. Generate more sources of income.

If your specialty allows it, seek to generate secondary income from the cost of your consultation. If you are a nutritionist, you may be able to sell natural items in your same office. If you are a dentist, you may be able to sell cases for children to put their teeth to the mouse. Look for ideas that you can apply, you will see that having income, even if they are minors from a different source is good for you.

9. Offers talks and conferences. 

Get on the stage literally. There is no better PR strategy than exposing what you know to many people in person, as many times as you can. Let yourself be invited to speak at schools and universities. Seeks to offer this service also in the business sector. And never forget to take your business cards with you !!

10. Prepare a Referral Plan.

Help your patients to recommend you. Make a plan so they can easily recommend you.

  • Always give your patients business cards after a visit. If they already have insurance, they can give it to someone else.
  • Ask for their testimony to be placed on your website or blog.
  • Ask your patients (the ones you consider appropriate) to allow you to place information from your clinic or clinic in their companies.

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